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Mary comtemplating Paris

      North Carolina was my growing up home and I was born into a family of artists and photographers.  Portraits and painting were always in my life.

     Economics and English were my majors at Northeastern University in Boston and I worked at a variety of people focused jobs.  I really thought I would produce short stories or novels.  Then when the artists and photographers in my family died and I could no longer say “Please take a picture” of this or that, I realized that I would have to do that for myself.  Since then I have been constantly working at improving my skills as an artist and photographer.

     Over the years I have taken many classes at the Gibbs Studio School, studying many times with William Mc Collough at the Gibbs and in private workshops.  Martin Ahrens has been wonderful at teaching color.  Martin has also given me an eye to determine what I want to produce in a painting.  When I have been “dry” I return to Martin to get inspiration and to loosen up.  Painting with others is much easier than trying to work in a vaccum.

     Luck has allowed me to travel widely and in doing so visit many museums to study paintings.  I have become fascinated with the properties of light.  I am in love with clouds and reflections.  I also thrill at the many ways different artist see and produce new experiences from the same material.

     Probably because of my early life with portrait photography I am particularly happy when painting portraits.  I like doing children, and sometimes adults, in Pastel.  That is what puts me “in the zone” most easily.  The “zone” is a peaceful place. 

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